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Our mission at SPD Australia, is to raise the awareness and understanding of Sensory Processing in Australia.
SPD Australia offers information to those experiencing challenges with sensory processing. 

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Treating Sensory & Auditory Processing Difficulties.

What are Sensory Processing Difficulties?

SENSORY PROCESSING DIFFICULTIES  can impair the functional skills of many individuals. People with Sensory Processing Difficulties misinterpret everyday sensory information, such as touch, sound and movement. They may feel overwhelmed by sensory information, may seek out sensory experiences or may avoid certain experiences.

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Does my child have SPD?

Is your child very busy, a picky eater, not aware of getting hurt, afraid of swimming, having a hard time calming themselves or appearing to be constantly moving around?  These are just a few of the signs that your child may have SPD.  Review our full list of indicators and red flags for parents to be aware of.

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